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Government looks to amend tax laws to keep hold of retirement funds

by Michael Haldane - Global & Local Investment Advisors

Government looks to amend tax laws to keep hold of retirement funds

On July 31, the National Treasury and South African Revenue Services (Sars) released a draft of the new Tax Laws Amendment Bill (TLAB). The proposed law changes again effectively proved to be another move from the government to get their hands on retirement funds. Please note that for the purpose of this article, retirement funds include, pension preservation, provident preservation, and retirement annuities...

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Benefits of Fintech

by Mark Moir - Certfied Financial Planner - Beanstalk Online Investments

The Advantages of Fintech

The lines between financial services and technology firms have blurred to the point that previously distinct sectors are colliding. Financial services companies are using technology to sharpen operational efficiency, lower costs, improve customer experience and heighten the appeal of their products and services. Investment managers, Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and bankers have started deploying fully customised robo-advice or computer-automated investment platform processes. The question is no longer whether fintech (financial technology) will transform the financial services sector, but which firms will apply it expeditiously and emerge as leaders. According to...

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Finding scaling solutions for the masses

by Gugulethu Siziba - Beanstalk Online Investment Junior Financial Planner

Finweek Article: Finding scaling solutions for the masses.

The mindset of 'making your money work for you and not just working for your money' is difficult to embrace for most people in South Africa living from one pay check to the next...

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COVID-19 Relief Measures

by Mark Moir - Certfied Financial Planner - Beanstalk Online Investments

Below is a summary list of initiatives and interventions by the government and the private sector, including where to get funding or payment relief to help business owners navigate through this tough time.

Businesses and individuals are advised to apply for the assistance provided only if absolutely necessary and no other private insurance safety measures are in place. Added to this, tax compliance and correct business registration requirements must be in place before applications can be submitted.

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Making sense of current market conditions

by Andrew Lapping - Allan Gray Chief Investment Officer

The current market volatility is understandably causing investors much stress. Andrew Lapping - Chief Investment Officer at Allan Gray - examines the impact of coronavirus and the drop of the oil price on our portfolios and offers clients some perspective.

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