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How you can influence your investment outcomes

by Lettie Mzwinila - Allan Gray Business Development Manager in Retail Distribution

How you can influence your investment outcomesAfter an undeniably tough 2018, the local market staged a turnaround during the first quarter. But the atmosphere in the country is blowing hot and cold: As the general election approaches, and the Eskom crisis rages on, there is an undercurrent of uncertainty and markets are hypersensitive to the mood. Investors are understandably feeling anxious.

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Can you live your best life and save for the long term?

by Noluyolo Betela - Client Relationship Manager Strategic Markets at Allan Gray

Life Life and Save for the Long TermHere's something you don't often hear about millennials: We are better money savers than our elders, but does that translate into long-term wealth?

By not taking a long-term saving approach, you miss out on the beauty of compound interest. Described as "the eighth wonder of the world" by Albert Einstein, compounding is when the interest earned on a sum of money is added to the original amount so that the interest also earns interest, dramatically multiplying the value of your investment.

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The ultimate human race

by Belinda Carbutt - Allan Gray Specialist in Group Savings and Investment

The Ultimate Human RaceAs investors there is a lot we can learn from marathon runners that can assist us with our own "ultimate human race" - the challenge of retiring financially independent. Borrowing from a marathon runner's training guidelines, here are five top tips on how to retire financially independent.

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The Active vs Passive Management Debate

by Mark Moir

Active vs Passive Management ApproachesIt is easy to find oneself in the midst of a raging debate about which of the two types of fund management approaches - Active and Passive - is best, and the arguments are generally skewed towards the approach chosen by the company for which the writer works.

What is an active and a passive fund management approach, you may be asking?

Actively managed funds have a fund manager who delivers returns based on specific mandate. That person is responsible for selecting which investments to make, when to sell those investments amongst a myriad of other responsibilities. Passive funds on the other hand, simply track a certain index and are not actively managed. As a result of the human capital required to constantly manage the funds under active management, the fees charged by these asset managers are generally higher than those charged by their passive alternatives.

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Tax-free savings accounts: Making saving for the long term more attractive

by Mark Moir

Tax Free Savings Account from Investec and Beanstalk

Tax-free savings accounts can help you save more for the long term because you don’t pay tax on the growth of your investment. There are quite a few providers that offer these types of investments, so where do you start?

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