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Annuitisation of Provident funds with effect from 1 March 2021

by Jenny Gordon - Alexander Forbes Head of Technical Advice

Annuitisation of Provident Funds

The Taxation Law Amendment Act of 2020 was signed into law by the President on 20 January 2021. This has enacted the long-awaited legislation which provides for the same annuitisation rules that apply to members of pension funds, pension preservation funds and retirement annuity funds, to be applied to members of provident funds and provident preservation funds, after 1 March 2021 (T Day)...

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Checklist: Things to do before the end of the tax year

by Gareth Collier - Certified Financial Planner at Crue Invest

Checklist of things to do before the end of the tax year.

Use your capital gains tax exemption As an investor, you are granted a R40 000 capital gains tax (CGT) exemption per year in respect of events that trigger a disposal of assets, which includes the sale of unit trusts. Although it is never ideal to be disinvested if your intention is to invest for the long term, investors may find merit in switching from an invested fund to cash, and then back into an invested fund without attracting CGT - provided that the gain is no greater than R40 000...

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Why pay more tax if you can save instead?

by Charlene Steenkamp - Business Day News

Why pay more tax if you can save instead?

Why pay the taxman more than his fair share if you can boost your retirement savings and enjoy tax benefits to boot? This is the argument for making the most of your tax deductions for contributions to a retirement fund and tax limits for a tax-free savings account before the end of February. Both tax-free investment accounts and retirement annuities allow you to grow your savings tax free, meaning there is...

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President's Letter 2020

by William Gray - Allan Gray President

Allan Gray President's Letter.

Our purpose at Orbis is to empower our clients by enhancing their savings and wealth. We are convinced that if we focus on earning and retaining the trust and confidence of our clients - by adding value through our investment decisions and aligning our interests with theirs - we can translate our passion for investing into making a meaningful difference for our clients, ourselves and our communities over the long term. By design, we are also careful to ensure that our interests are similarly aligned at times when we fail to deliver on our aspirations.

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Tax-Free Savings Account or Retirement Annuity?

by Jaco Prinsloo - CFP at Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultants

Tax Free Savings Account or Retirement Annuity

The benefits of saving are well known, as are the tax benefits offered by tax-free savings accounts (TFSA) and retirement annuity funds (RA). But what is unclear is which savings vehicle is better. Before we look at what the benefits of each, let’s look at factors to consider when choosing between a TFSA and an RA...

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