SIM Inflation Plus Fund

Fund Objectives

This is a flexible asset allocation fund which aims to deliver smooth,positive real returns (adjusted for the effects of inflation) targeting CPI +4% over a 3-year rolling period. The fund is managed in accordance with Regulation 28 guidelines, although this is not a stipulation in the investment policy of supplemental deed.

Investment Strategy

The fund invests in the flexible combination of investments in the equity, gilt and money markets, both locally and abroad. The Inflation Linked Fund will be run to explicitly satisfy two important needs of investors, firstly to keep their purchasing power ahead of the cost of living, and secondly not to lose money. The fund will be conservatively managed with the key focus on capital preservation and real returns at a lower volatility than that of equity funds. The aim of the fund is to outperform inflation (CPI) by 5% (before costs) over a rolling three-year period. Furthermore, the portfolio manager will also strive not to lose capital over a 12-month rolling period. This makes this unit trust ideally suited to cautious investors and especially retirees. The fund does not offer any guarantees.

Investment Performance

Annual Return and Maximum Drawdown Figures Updated: 16 Sep 2021
2 years 3 years 5 years 7 years 10 years Maximum Drawdown
6.16% 6.11% 6.91% 7.56% 9.25% -7.58%

Fund and Adviser Fees

Adviser Fees Administration Fees Management Fees
Upfront Annual Standard Manager Discount Effective Annual Fee Total Expense Ratio (TER)
0.00% 0.50% not available not available not available 0.79%

All fees shown exclude VAT. Data provided by Morningstar and Allan Gray / Investec.

What are adviser fees?

Adviser fees are paid to Beanstalk. We do not charge an upfront fee and our annual fee is very low at just 0.50% (+ VAT where applicable).

What are administration fees?

Annual administration fees are charged by Allan Gray Investment Services Proprietary Limited or Investec Management Services (Pty) Ltd for ongoing administation. The fee applicable to your investment depends on the unit trusts you have selected and the value of your investment. A negative annual administration fee means you will pay no annual administration fee and will receive additional units into your account.

What are management fees?

Fixed fee of 0.68% (incl. VAT) with no performance fee component. The underlying funds have their own fee structure.

Management fees are expenses included in the price of your selected unit trust(s). These expenses are not charged as separate fees, but are built into the unit price of the unit trusts you select. The fees shown include VAT where applicable. Values are calculated using more decimal places than are displayed.

Fund Positioning

This fund is suitable for conservative investments.

Fund Asset Allocation

Asset allocation as of
30 Jun 2021



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