Nedgroup Investments Global Flexible Feeder Fund

Fund Objectives

This portfolio is suitable for investors seeking exposure to a fully flexible globally diversified portfolio (in respect of asset classes, regions and currencies) through a single entry point. The portfolio will be subject to currency fluctuations due to its offshore exposure.

Investment Strategy

A feeder fund seeking to provide investors with an optimum overall yield comprising both capital growth and income. Apart from the assets in liquid form, invest solely in participatory interests in a single portfolio of a collective investment scheme operating in a territory outside South Africa with a regulatory environment which is, to the satisfaction of the manager and trustee, of a sufficient standard to provide investor protection at least equivalent to that in South Africa and that, in turn, comprises of securities in companies listed on exchanges, primarily outside of South Africa, companies the business of which is mainly practiced outside South Africa, companies which trade in South Africa but with meaningful investments outside South Africa and the operating investment income is mainly derived from outside South Africa and the companies the income of which is determined in other currencies than the rand.

Investment Performance

Annual Return and Maximum Drawdown Figures Updated: 01 Jan 1900
2 years 3 years 5 years 7 years 10 years Maximum Drawdown
8.16% 6.36% 11.12% n/a n/a -16.31%

Fund and Adviser Fees

Adviser Fees Administration Fees Management Fees
Upfront Annual Standard Manager Discount Effective Annual Fee Total Expense Ratio (TER)
0.00% 0.50% not available not available not available 1.16%

All fees shown exclude VAT. Data provided by Morningstar and Allan Gray / Investec.

What are adviser fees?

Adviser fees are paid to Beanstalk. We do not charge an upfront fee and our annual fee is very low at just 0.50% (+ VAT where applicable).

What are administration fees?

Annual administration fees are charged by Allan Gray Investment Services Proprietary Limited or Investec Management Services (Pty) Ltd for ongoing administation. The fee applicable to your investment depends on the unit trusts you have selected and the value of your investment. A negative annual administration fee means you will pay no annual administration fee and will receive additional units into your account.

What are management fees?

No fee is charged in the feeder fund. The underlying fund charges a fixed fee of 1.10% (VAT exempt).

Management fees are expenses included in the price of your selected unit trust(s). These expenses are not charged as separate fees, but are built into the unit price of the unit trusts you select. The fees shown include VAT where applicable. Values are calculated using more decimal places than are displayed.

Fund Positioning

This fund is suitable for aggressive investments.

Fund Asset Allocation

Asset allocation as of
31 Dec 2018



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