About Beanstalk

Beanstalk is an online unit trust and retirement annuity investment portal. It assists savvy savers and investors to easily access unit trusts and retirement annuities - making the savings and investment process a whole lot easier!

It is a leader in it's field by offering expert advice and the first ever South African paperless investment process.

Beanstalk is a partnership between Financial Planner, Mark Moir (CFP) and Tech Entrepreneur Andrew Mobbs (B.Bus.Sc). Find out more about Mark and Andrew below.

Beanstalk has gone to great lengths to make the process of investing as easy and secure as possible by:

  • building a secure website using the latest in SSL encryption technology
  • not handling investor funds directly and instead passing this function onto the highly reputable administration team at Allan Gray
  • using the proven Allan Gray Investment Platform
  • using a global leader in e-signature technologies - Adobe EchoSign
Mark Moir

About Mark Moir

Mark Moir is a founder and partner of Silvertree Risk and Wealth Management - an independent financial services company that has been around since 2006.

Mark is a certified financial planner and has consistently yielded positive growth and returns for his client base.  He has grown Silvertree substantially over the past 7 years - a business that now has over R600 million in assets under management.

Andrew Mobbs

About Andrew Mobbs

Andrew Mobbs is Managing Director of The Hatchery Limited - a UK based web and mobile application development company founded in 2006. The business has recently expanded to South Africa as The Hatchery Business Technologies (Pty) Ltd - offering specialist e-commerce design and development services in this market. The business was formed in 2006 in London, England and has established itself as a cutting-edge technology services provider with clients including GfK NOP (and the BBC), Harrods, Cat Apparel and numerous others.

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