Now the process of investing is as satisfying as the benefits of doing so.

  • Use our experience and advice to choose a fund
  • Complete the forms online
  • Sign the forms online
  • Watch and manage your money online
  • No upfront fees and a very low adviser fee of 0.5% + VAT* per annum
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How does this work?

We believe we have the best investment process available on the market. With our experience and credibility we will guide you to a great investment that you can make entirely online and immediately. For more information check out our how it works page.

Much better than cash!

In October 2008 Money Market yields peaked at 12.8% per annum, today they are below 5%. Inflation is over 6% so you do the maths. Is your money eroding in real value over time? Take a look at our Conservative Fund selection that have produced excellent cash-beating returns with a low risk of loss.

Simple fee structure

We know you are smart enough to make your own informed decisions when presented with some well researched and top performing investment opportunities. So why pay expensive fees when you can do it all on Beanstalk with no upfront fees and a very low 0.5% per annum.

Tax Free Savings

We are working hard to bring you the country's best Tax Free Savings investment vehicle in conjunction with Investec. If you would like to be notified when this new service is launched you can sign up below.

The Active vs Passive Management Debate

It is easy to find oneself in the midst of a raging online debate about which of the two types of fund management approaches - Active and Passive - is...... continue reading

We are an independent advisory and offer unit trusts and investment options from all these companies